Our home sweet home is a valuable asset in our lives, and like everyone else, we would not like to risk it. A little act of carelessness, like in terms of fire, can cause serious threats to our homes and loved ones. There have been several cases related to housing fires in the past. It’s important to well equipped to deal with any such situations, but how?

Let’s get informed about fire safety equipment you need in your home.

•             Carbon monoxide alarm

•             Smoke detectors

•             Fire extinguisher

•             Fire escape ladders

•             Fire blanket

Fire Safety Equipment


A carbon monoxide alarm is a device that detects the presence of carbon monoxide gas. (CO) carbon monoxide is a tasteless, colorless, and odorless gas which produces by burning any liquid or solid fuel for cooking, heating, or any other use. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and if it builds too much inside your home you might face a devastating effect because inhaling too much (CO) can b dangerous for your life. So it is very important to install carbon monoxide alarms everywhere in your home, outside each bedroom and sleeping area so you get alert immediately when its level goes too high.



Smoke alarms detect fire and provide an early alert to you and your family to defend yourself against fire and escape safely. You must install a proper number of smoke detectors according to the need of your home because smoke in one area may not reach the smoke detector place in another area of your home, so it is recommended to install smoke detectors in every part of your house in and outside the bedroom and also in your basement. A smoke alarm should be placed at least ten feet far from the kitchen to avoid false alarm.

smoke detector


Fire extinguisher plays a vital role in your home fire safety. It can tackle small fires or help to control it until the fire department arrive. There are five different classes of fire extinguisher for effective home safety, all you need is to choose the correct class as per your household requirement.

•             Class 1: Wood, Paper, Fabric, Cardboard, Plastic

•             Class 2:: Flammable Liquids, Oil, Gasoline, Gas, Diesel

•             Class 3: Electric source and Electrical factor

•             Class 4: Flammable metals

•             Class 5: Cooking Oil, Cooking Fat, and Any Grease

The mini extinguisher is recommended more because it is easy to keep it in the kitchen and can use easily by shake and spray in case o fire.

fire extinguisher


A fire escape ladder is another fire safety equipment should keep in your home. It can help you to go out from your home in case of an emergency if your main route is blocked. A fire escape ladder is ideal equipment to evacuate your home, especially for second or third story building. It should be kept in such a place where you can find and access it easily in case of an emergency, like near the window, under the bed, or where nothing blocks you to reach it.



The Fire blankets are another important home firefighting equipment, helps to reduce small fires at an early stage. It is necessary to have a set of kitchen blankets in every home. You can have different types of fire blankets to keep the uncertain fire incident out of concern. If you have any aged or unwell person in your home who cannot drop and roll so that person can use the fire blanket to be saved. Make sure your product has a special pull tab that helps you to approach quickly. Do not store it too close from any possible danger such as above the stove.

fire blanket


It is essential to keep all fire safety equipment you need in your home but just keeping it is not enough, you must learn and also teach your family about using that types of equipment and try to use it once a month to practice. Always check your carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors that they are charged and working properly. Your little careful act can save you and your family from any damage of a bad incident.

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