Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire Hydrant System is vital for Fire Protection System and is used in residential and industrial applications. It comprises a Fire Well or special well wherein water is stored and it is connected to the pump room. There are two or three main pipes that are connected from the pump room and form a network of pipes to cover the factory and its premises. The pump works to continually fill all the connected pipes with water under pressure which may vary depending upon the intensity. When the fire is detected, immediately the fire hydrant system is directed towards the fire and water with strong force extinguishes the fire. The work of the pump is to consistently pump water so as to maintain the pressure. Some of the distinctive features of our products includes: Sturdy and can be used for medium or large sized fire Since the system is wide, it surrounds the fire from all angles Low maintenance is required and there is no leakage of water Material of construction is mild steel, FRP metal, etc. installed in Corporate Towers, Educational Institutes, Residential & Commercial Buildings, Schools, Warehouses,

Fire Hydrant Systems in Karachi Pakistan


Hydrants inside the building is furnished with required accessories such as hose  pipes with instantaneous gun metal couplings and g.m branch pipes located in hose cabinets.  The hose cabinets is wall / column mounting type, constructed out of 18 gauge mild steel sheets.

The internal hydrants ( Landing valves) is single headed type taken out from  150/100 mm dia riser through suitable reducer.  The outlets is gun metal and confirm to IS : 5290.  HT Hose reels is firmly held against the wall by suitable heavy brackets and supports.  The hose reel is swinging type ( 180 deg.) and the entire Dum reel etc. is as per IS : 3876.  The rubber tubing is best quality ( Dunlop ) and the nozzle is 6 mm dia. Shut off type.  The equipment shall be out of one of the approved makes.

The hydrant main is laid in the form of ring main.  The hydrant risers is terminated with air release valves at the highest points to release the trapped air in the pipe work.


What are the advantages of Fire Hydrant Systems?


Fire Hydrant Systems are very strong and can be used from medium to large sized fires. Fire Hydrant Systems, have a long range. Since the Fire Hydrant System is spread out, the fire hydrant can attack fire from different angles. This entire systems requires low maintenance and virtually, does not leak water. Besides this, Fire Hydrant Systems have a long life.

What are the disadvantages of Fire Hydrant Systems?


There are few disadvantages. The first is that it has to be manually activated. The flow of Fire Hydrant System is so strong that, there are two men required to hold the water hose. Fire Hydrant System, may cause damage to the instruments or machines.

Fire Hydrant systems are very popular and hence many, Clients search only for Fire Hydrant Companies or Fire Hydrant System Suppliers; but the important thing to understand is that it may not be the most efficient system.